About the Phoenix A-Frame

Altadena A-frame house from the Park across the street.

My name is Pedro Jané.  I am a Mortgage Loan Originator working in North Scottsdale, AZ.  In May of 2009, I bought my first home in Phoenix!  It is a very strange, and unique home because it really  belongs more in the forests of Flagstaff, or the pines of Park City.  I purchased an A-frame house in the heart of Phoenix…

I have lived in this North Phoenix Neighborhood since 1998.  My mom bought a house down the street when I was in my senior year of high school.  Every day on the way to school, I would stare at this house and just wonder about it.  I wanted to go in it and explore because it just looked  cool and had an awesome spookiness about it.

In Phoenix, most homes are of a boring, flat roofed ranch style.  I started my home search with my Girlfriend and son and we searched all over the area for a nice home that fit our needs. We put in offers on several “regular” homes in Phoenix, but they were all short sales so things were taking much longer than I was hoping for.  One day on the way to my mom’s house, I noticed the For Sale sign in front of the house.  I called my realtor first, and my girlfriend second because I was so excited that I knew I found the house for me.  The house was on the market for less than a day and I put an offer in.  It was a foreclosure, but was in good condition.  The offer was submitted late March of 2009 and got the keys on 5/29/2009! We finally had our first home!

a-frame house

The a-frame house shaped like a ship

I often meet people at Altadena Park who ask me about the A-Frame Cabin looking house across the street.  They are always intrigued by the architecture of the house.  Its usually followed by, “Shouldn’t that house be in Flagstaff?”  Nope. It belongs right here in Phoenix.  It is the Altadena A-Frame.  Feel free to subscribe to the blog and follow our remodeling journey.


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