Altadena Park Spray Pad

Phoenix Arizona can be a really great place to raise a family, but during the summer months it can get REALLY hot.  There are tons of great activities for your children to beat the heat and one of the most popular are the many spray pad parks in Phoenix.  Spray Pads, or Splash Pads as they are called are free, and operated by the City of Phoenix

Spray Pads in Phoenix - Altadena Park

Altadena Park Spray Pad

Though there are many, I want to focus on just one spray pad in Phoenix.  Atladena Park  in North Phoenix has a great spray pad facility.  It is located in a quaint and safe neighborhood south of Cactus Road on and just East of 36th St. and is open 7 days a week from 5:30AM to 10PM.  The park has an awesome playground with slides, mini rock wall, swings and more.  There are 2 Charcoal BBQ Grills and 1 ramada that is great for birthday parties along with TONS of trees to hang a piñata from.  Please keep in mind that this park does not have any public restrooms.  Even though there are no bathrooms, this is a great park to bring your kids to since it is in such a nice quite neighborhood.


Altadena Park Spray Pad Hours

The splash pad portion of the park is open from 10AM to 7PM Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays. It operates between May and October.   It has a bunch of great water features including 3 animals water cannons that swivel 360 degrees, Rings that kids can run under, and of course the many water fountain sprayers that shoot water into the air as high as 20 feet.

This park is very well shaded by a huge ring of large mature Pine trees that surround the main features of the park, but please remember to bring sunscreen and plenty of drinking water as it still gets very hot out there.   There is only one drinking fountain and again, there are no bathrooms at this park.  Please do your part to keep this park clean.  The residents in the neighborhood also please ask that you try parking your car on the park side of the street to preserve parking for the people that live on the street.

Here is a list of other great splash pad parks in Phoenix, Az that you can take your children to for free.

Altadena Park Spray Pad: 3711 E. Altadena Avenue. Cross streets are 36th Street South of Cactus Road. 602-262-6696.

Civic Space Park Spray Pad: 424 N. Central Ave in Downtown Phoenix. 602-262-6412. Accessible by Valley METRO light rail.

Edison Park Spray Pad: 901 N. 19th Street. 602-262-6412. Major cross streets are 19th Street and Roosevelt.

Francisco Highland Park: 2702 E. South Mountain Avenue. The nearby major cross streets are 28th Street and South Mountain Avenue at the base of South Mountain. 602-262-6111.

Harmon Park Spray Pad: 1239 S. 5th Avenue. The nearby major cross streets are 5th Avenue and Buckeye. 602-262-6412.

Laveen Village Park Spray Pad: 3146 W. Vineyard, Phoenix. The nearby major cross streets are 31st Avenue and Baseline Road. 602-262-6111.

Mountain Vista Park Spray Pad: 13647 S. 50th Street in Ahwatukee Foothills. The nearby major cross streets are 50th Street and Ray Road.

Nuestro Park Spray Pad: Ninth Street and Pima, south of downtown Phoenix. 602-262-6111.

Pecos Park Spray Pad: 48th Street and Pecos Road in the Ahwatukee Foothills area of Phoenix.  602-262-6111.


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