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It has been a long time since I have updated this blog and the time has come! Sadly, its for a not so great reason. Graffiti is an issue in every metropolitan city and it is also an issue in Phoenix, however I never thought it would really come to my neighborhood. Its not a bad neighborhood! Its not Scottsdale, or Paradise Valley, but its not bad. Anyways, last Friday night…Friday the 13th actually… Some untalented schmuck decided to deface my property. Here is the wonderful “artwork” that some kid tagged on my new back wall. Sadly, its not even good. If they painted a cool mural that would have been awesome! Instead, I got untalented kid scribble.

Graffiti on the alley side of my back fence in Phoenix.

Luckily we have a couple of City of Phoenix graffiti removal programs.  One is the Phoenix Graffiti Busters which is a collaboration of public and private ventures that help out with graffiti removal.  The second is the Phoenix Blight Buster Volunteer Program.  This programs allows adults aged 18 and over to volunteer to remove blight and graffiti across the city.  They offer free training on how to remove graffiti, use airless paint sprayers, and more.

If you come across graffiti in your neighborhood, do the right thing and report it.  These services are FREE and it returns our neighborhoods to what they should be.  Nice neighborhood that are clean, safe, and free of ugly graffiti.   The city of Phoenix also pays a reward if you report graffiti and the police catch it in action. The reward is up to $250. Here are the contact numbers for the City of Phoenix in regard to our graffiti problem.

Report graffiti/more information 602-534-4444
Graffiti in progress 9-1-1
Crime Stop 602-262-6151
Vandal Catching Reward Program (Phoenix Graffiti Hotline) 602-262-7327
Free paint for graffiti removal 602-495-0323

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